Friday, October 21, 2016

Fashion passes; Style remains

"Fashion passes; Style remains". This famous quote from Coco Chanel has inspired me for many years. In the last few decades style has become even more relevant, as trends have disappeared and come back, as rules have relaxed, and as we feel freer to prefer styles we like over strict fashion guides. 

Because we can wear what we like, it is often challenging to tell how to choose the right clothes, those that reflect our personality and are pleasing to the eye; how to create the right clothes combinations so that you you look good, but more importantly, so that you feel good!
This weekend, on Oct 23rd,  I will speak on aspects of style at the National Women's Show in Ottawa. The topic is: The 7 Must-Haves in Every Woman's Wardrobe, and How to Wear them in Style. I believe in clean and simple lines. I believe in elegance that comes from within. Luckily, every woman can learn the secret of simple elegance and apply it in her wardrobe.

Here's your coupon for the show

I look forward to meeting you at the show!

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