Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Change is in the air


Fall is a wonderful season, inspiring us to look at what we have left and to prepare for what's to come. The change in our wardrobe (replacing summer with winter) is very symbolic. We surrender, even if for a few months, what we enjoyed wearing, and adapt again to a very different attire that will be accompanying us for the next little while.

One way to make the transition easier is to embark on a personal journey,
through which we learn more about ourselves, and make the necessary changes that will make us feel good. As an Image Consultant I know that our clothes can make a lot of difference in how we feel about ourselves. They can boost our confidence or make us want to disappear from the world.

In October I will be offering a unique workshop on USING SEASONAL CHANGES TO LOOK AND FEEL BETTER. In this workshop you will become aware of the process and stages of positive change in your attire, that will empower your image and your personality.

  • Identifying how we want to present ourselves to the world
  • Recognizing which clothes would create our best image, and how they will impact on our interaction with others
  • Understanding the power of color and which colors will work for us every time (it is not necessarily black!)
  • Learning which items in our wardrobe are worth keeping from season to season, and which need to be replaced
  • Styling your own looks: becoming aware of the most important principles to look good and feel good and applying them into your existing wardrobe.
To register please visit and check the upcoming events list.

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